Apartment hiring and what to avoid

If you plan to live in an apartment based in Atlanta for a few months to years, it would be good to check out a few things before you move in. If there is a home mate or a roommate, it would be good to see if he or she has any habits that you want to avoid. Spending some time trying to befriend the person is good though moving in with someone who is completely a stranger is truly not recommended. If there is a neighborhood around your apartment then visiting it during the day and some other day in the evening can give you a good idea of how things run and how the neighbors are. All this requires time and firsthand experience as you can’t trust the broker’s words alone for hiring a new apartment.

Landlords are very prudent when it comes to the selection of tenants. They want people who are good at paying rent. They will most likely ask potential tenants for their credit report. The person needs to look good on papers. It is just like you are competing for a job where the best candidate is selected. Be prepared if you are asked for any references from the workplace or college that you study at. The landlord may also take previous landlord’s’ phone numbers and addresses from tenants just to make sure that the previous record has been clean. Rest assured that this may all be for the sake of your safety and betterment. They make sure that the person moving in has no criminal record and the tenure is going to be socially safe.

You might want to know a bit about your neighbors and the surrounding. Visiting the place at different hours is likely to give you an idea about the social habits of the people. Generally, people living in apartment’s value their privacy (whatever is left of it) and put it above everything else when it comes to neighbors. Yet it is of no harm to befriend a few people around you on a chit chat basis. You can chat with them in the lift or while moving up and down the stairs. This makes your presence acknowledged and you know that there is someone to look up to in case of an emergency.

A contract is a legally binding and equivocal statement where both parties agree on some terms. Your landlord might ask you to sign a written contract. It might seem a penalty at first but honestly, written agreements are way better than oral and verbal statements. Though the latter are also legally binding, it is difficult to prove it. Your contract must include important clauses like the term of agreement, the basis on which the agreement is no longer binding and any penalties. You must also ensure that it clearly states what is included in the rent. Will common utilities be the headache of the landlord or you will have to worry about the bills every month of the year.